Sunday, December 8, 2013


So, Claire has an imaginary friend, because she decided that I didn't have enough personalities to contend with in this house already. This isn't something that the older two ever really did, and it's terribly entertaining.  I'm sitting back and watching, listening, and taking notes.  If this girl is going to live here, I've got to find out about her somehow.  This is what I've been able to learn so far.

General Facts:

1.  Her name is Alonda, Londa for short.
2.  She's the same size as Claire. (Although, I have witnessed Claire carrying Alonda in her hands).
3.  She's big, but too little to go to Husky games.
4.  She has a horse and a dog.
5.  She sleeps on Claire's bed with her.
6.  According to Claire, "Alonda is the boss, like me."

Londa's Activities:

1.  Alonda gets candy every day for going potty on her potty seat, and she only pees a little bit.
2.  She and Claire are going to put a horse on a bandaid (yes, you read that right), because the horse has an owie on its knee.
3. Claire takes Londa to the Kingdom Hall "every time," and she buys her clothes.  Londa goes to the other stores all by herself.
4. Londa is an enormous clutz, and would probably die without Claire around to take care of her. (See 5 and 6).
5. Londa wants to sit on the table but fell on her head.
6. She was going to fall out of a boat and her hair was gonna die and not look pretty, but Claire helped her down and took her to the doctor.

I'm not sure how long this will last, but I love her imagination right now. Even though her friend comes with all these extra animals and emergency room visits, she is welcome here.  Alonda, you are loved.


  1. When I was Claire's age I had an imaginary friend named Jerry. He was very small, about ankle high and he wore a striped polo shirt and brown corduroy overalls. My mother and I would walk to the shops or the zoo and I would always hold his hand. Since he was ankle high I walked all bent over. Once he was jumping on the couch and my mother blamed me and after a dozen warnings with me denying I did it and blaming Jerry, she spanked me. I sat on the couch crying and my mother heard me say, "'see Jerry! You got me in trouble!" So my mom started really worrying and told my grandmother who decided that walking down Girard Avenue every day was going to cause finger pointing at me so she gave me a cigar box so Jerry could ride in comfort and I wouldn't be all bent over. Jerry, me and my grandmother took a ferry ride somewhere and Jerry was trying to tip the ferry over to the point of me screaming so loud my grandmother practically suffocated me against her bosom to silence me. Jerry's antics became so problematic that I was taken to Dr. (no relations) Weiner who listened to my mothers grave concern that I'd be put away in a padded room. She talked a lot and then Dr. Weiner decided I was not nuts I was just lonely. Soon after that my brother was born and Mom bundled him into the pram and dolled me up and we walked to the zoo. Mom said she noticed I didn't have the cigar box and that I was walking erect and she asked, "Where's Jerry?" I said, "I told him not to go into the street but he did and got runned over by a trolley car."

    So my dearest MamaNieceA, you'll probably need to have another baby to save Claire from Alonda.

  2. Duddie - That is seriously the funniest thing that I have read in a long time. The kids and I were dying from laughter.

  3. My mother told me that I was so pesky she would often tell me to go play with Jerry so I'd get out of her hair.