Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Claire's Story

Claire has always been a storyteller.  The story that follows is her explanation of why she was afraid in her bed last night.  If there were even a speck of truth in this story, I would be absolutely terrified too.

Claire: I was afraid of the whale and it was in the water and giraffes don't taste good.  I went under the water and it made me so dirty because it trapped me into his mouth.  I was trapped and I didn't know how to get out and then Daddy tried to get me out and he got trapped too.  I got SO dirty with the dirty water in his mouth.  Daddy got me out and then the whale broke the house cuz he slapped it in the head.  He ate my cow boots and all my shoes and all my dresses and he broke the counter.  I slammed the door in the whale's face, and then I put a big hat on him and slapped him in the head.  Then I put a fire on him.  He trapped me and I got his tail and he didn't know how to walk.  He trapped me in his mouth and I bit his tail and he got my teeth and pulled my teeth off and my tongue off so I have to be somewhere else to be fixed, so I hide somewhere else so he wouldn't find me and bite me. So I runned out and I was hiding under the bathroom sink, but he finded me and was cooking me and burned me and I was getting cooked so he eated me all and he taked me out and roasted me like a hot dog and eated me all like a hot dog.

Me:  :O

Claire: Can you find a picture of me when I was in it?

Me: :O

Claire: Please?

What an imagination.  No wonder she tries sneaking into my bed all the time.


  1. Holy moly. That's quite the dream.

    I love how you type this. I read it in her voice. :)

  2. I third it. Jeepers she has the most fearful animals in the night. This Monstro is as bad as tree cows.