Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Week, These Things Happened

Occasionally, funny things happen/are said in this house that I have no real way to incorporate into a blog post because I lack creativity and am extremely lazy.  In spite of these failings, I want to remember these things when the inevitable dementia sets in.  So, when I find myself in that place, I'm going to write posts that say, "This week, these things happened." So....

This week, these things happened:

1. Claire ran out of things to yell at me when she was upset, so she accused me of killing a frog.  

2. Micah asked me if the Chinese can get hiccups.  

3.  I found a note that I wrote almost a year ago (when Claire was not even 2) that said :


Today, I took something away from Claire that she wasn't supposed to have. She protested loudly, as expected, exclaiming, "Give dat back!" When I told her that it wasn't for her, she let out a very deliberate and very loud protest fart (she does this sometimes) and started growling at me. By this point though, she was too amused with herself to be angry anymore, and she started jumping and giggling. I think I'm raising a crazy.

4.  Micah told me that his pants are naked because they aren't wearing him. 

5. Judah is starting to try really hard to walk (not funny, but memorable all the same).  

6. I realized that I absolutely do not understand the rules of arguing with a two year old.  (see #1 and the argument* below.)

*Claire told me that she wanted to go to the fair again.  I told her that the fair was already over.  She started doing a weird convulsion whine-dance, while shaking her hands up and down and chanting...

Claire:  I want da fair, I want da fair.

Me: You don't understand.  The fair moves away.  It's not there any more. It's gone.

She stopped shaking, put on her mean mug, and in her best accusatory tone said,

Claire: You can't DIE my fair.

Me: Uh... I didn't kill it, it's just not there anymore.

Claire: No. You and my fader (father) can't kill my fair!

I love my busy house. THE END, for now.

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  1. I was wondering what hidden talent Claire had. She can always find work at the fair farting on demand or asking if ladies are wearing their bras.