Thursday, October 17, 2013

This Week, These Things Happened, Part 2

Just a new "This Week, These Things Happened."

1. Micah and Judah were in the tub together.  Micah laid back, and Judah took this as an invitation to climb on his stomach.  So, obviously, Micah had to yell, "He's on my UTERUS!!"

2.  Emma drew a picture of me with bugged out eyes, crazy hair and flailing arms, labeled, "What Mom looks like when she doesn't get any sleep." Also, in the corner of the picture next to psycho Mom was Judah, playing in the toilet. She's surprisingly on point for an eight year old.

3. Claire told me that she's going to buy a new Mom because I made a "fussy face" at her.  She also told me that she likes to eat moths.

4.  Micah told me that he wishes that eyes could regrow, because then he could take Claire's eyes out and use them for a game called, "Eye-Ball." Ha. Ha. Ha.

5.  Claire and I were talking about authority.  (She noticed 1 year old Judah wasn't listening when I told him not to throw food off his tray).  I explained that he's little and still learning to be obedient, so we should set a good example.  She said, "Yeah, I'm not da boss."  I said, "Right, you aren't the boss. You listen to Mommy and Daddy.  Mommy listens to Daddy.  Do you know who Daddy has to listen to?"  Her response? ""  HA! WRONG! Jenna wishes.

More to come from Crazyville.......


  1. I really don't know what I would do without your kids to amuse me and for me to love them.