Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silbaugh Dictionary of Terms

This is a helpful guide for those of you who wish to be able to understand the language of small Silbaughs.  Some of the language is mutually intelligible with English, but most of it is not.  So, in the spirit of good communication, here is your Silbaugh/English dictionary.  

ballyball noun
definition - Volleyball.
example: My cat is a better bally ball player than you.
origin: Emma

bucky cheeks - adjective/noun
definition - Chubby cheeks.
example: I want to pinch your bucky cheeks.
origin: Claire
notes: Claire runs up to people and screams this while squeezing their cheeks as hard as she possibly can.

crippy - adjective
definition - Creepy.
example: I don't want to go back there.  It's so crippy!
origin: Micah

dehead - verb
definition - To take the head off of someone or something.
example: I am going to dehead you with my sword.
origin: Joseph
notes: This word appears to be a hybrid of behead and decapitate, and yes I laughed hysterically.

eeeeee interjection
definition - Ew.
example: Eeeeee! So gross!
origin: Emma
notes: Little baby Emma used to say this emphatically when pointing at things that grossed her out.

fieth noun
definition: Theif.
example: Give it back, you dirty, rotten fieth!
origin: Emma

definition - Flower.
example: I picked a flowersee for you.  
origin: Claire
notes: I used to point to flowers and say, "Flowers! See?," and she now thinks they are called flowersees.

fofie - noun
definition - Dog or puppy.
example: The fofie pooped on my shoe.
origin: Claire
notes: We have a neighbor dog named Sophie.  She learned its name and now all dogs are fofies.

funks - verb
definition - To mess around with.
example: The computer funks around with me when I try to play games on it.
origin: Micah
notes: Sounds suspiciously like something else.

grown up neys - noun
definition -The adult version of kidneys.
example: You have kidneys? I thought they were called grown up neys.
origin: Micah

hot gog - noun
definition - Hot dog.
example: I don't want a hot gog for lunch.      
origin: Claire

languish - noun
definition - Language.
example: It sure is a good thing that I speak baby languish.
origin: Emma
notes: This word appears to be a hybrid of the words 'language' and 'english'. Emma actually said the example sentence when claiming to be able to interpret Micah's baby babble.  

Omaproper noun
definition- Emma.
example: Oma, where are you?
origin: Emma
notes: When she was very, very little, Emma would imitate us calling for her.  She couldn't quite get the E sound right, so she'd walk through the house calling out, "Oma!" in a loud voice.

definition - Same as an ordinary peacock, except that it pees SOOOOO much.
examples: Peecocks pee soooo much or they would just be called cocks.  (Yes this conversation actually happened).
origin: Emma and Micah

pew adjective
definition - Pretty.
origin: Claire
example: Mommy is so pew. (No, she was not calling me smelly).

pocisle - (pronounced pock-i-sel) noun
definition - Popsicle.
example: I'm so hungry for a pocisle.
origin: Claire
notes: I hope she always pronounces it like this.

preckle - noun or adjective
definition - Something small or a small amount of something.
example: May I please have just a preckle of ice-cream?
origin: Micah
notes: This word appears to be a hybrid of the words speck, freckle and sprinkle.

rebasonle - (prounouced ree-bu-zun-el) adjective
definition - Reasonable.
example: My mom is the most rebasonle person I've ever met.
origin: Emma
notes: Rebasonle is a totally reasonable way to pronounce reasonable.

teddy - noun
definition - Pillow.
example: I need my blankie and my teddy.
origin: Claire
notes: I have no idea how that happened.

tree cow - noun
definition - A terrifying breed of cow that lives in trees.  They are best known for launching themselves on people and pooping on people.
example: I'm so afraid of tree cows.
origin: Claire
notes: Imaginary.

uninurse - noun
definition- Universe (not one giant nursing breast, as some may assume).
example: There are a lot of stars in the uninurse.
origin: Micah
notes: He used to sing the line from "Christian Dedication," that says, "the universe so grand," as "the uninurse so gand." So freaking cute.

yogwurt - noun
definition - Yogurt.
origin: Emma
example: Mommy never shares her Zoi yogwurt because she's an evil, selfish creature.
notes: The example sentence may or may not be true.

Extras pronunciation errors - 

As each child was learning the word 'thank-you,' they pronounced it differently.  In order of age, it was Tane Tu, Kane Ku, and Q.

Neither of the girls could pronounce 'thirsty' correctly.  Emma said 'dusty' which confused the crud out of us at first, and Claire said, 'juicy.'  Related, but equally confusing.

Emma couldn't pronounce berry names and called them boobies/bloobies (blueberries), stawbees (strawberries), and rawbees (raspberries).

Silly Micah phrases -

'Accuse me' has always been used in place of 'excuse me.' (I always point at him and say "You did it!" when he says that. I don't think he gets it.)

Micah also asks "May I have an excuse to go to the bathroom?" instead of, "May I be excused to go to the bathroom?" I'm pretty sure needing to use the toilet is a good excuse.

That's all for now. More to come as time passes!


  1. Duddie: Do you want mustard AND mayo on your sandwich?
    Sam: Just a preckle.

    Neva, Emma, Claire and Judah stop by our seats at the Convention - Sam: Where's Preckle?

    Duddie, screaming: I BROKE MY TOE!!
    Sam: The Preckle one?

    Duddie: Did Scruffy go?
    Sam: Just a preckle.

    You have created a monster.............

  2. Bahahaha! Oh my goodness. Best comment EVER.

  3. Okay, I totally LOVE these. I'm so happy you made this list. :)