Sunday, June 30, 2013

Miss Maturity is Still a Kid

My Emma, Miss Maturity, is certainly one of the most intelligent children I've ever met.  She's growing so quickly. I simultaneously adore big Emma and miss little Emma.  It's hot here today, and on our way to meeting, I was watching her little hand dance in the wind outside of her rolled-down window.  When I would put my hand out the window, she would reach around and grab it to hold in hers.  As big as she looks and as mature as she seems, her hands are still small and soft.  They betray the age that her intellect and stature try so hard to conceal.  I love her hands.  I am grateful to them for that.  

She said a couple of things today that made me smile, and also helped me to remember that she's still just eight years old.  She was laying on the floor, with eight month old Cheeky on her stomach.  She was trying to tell me something. Every time she started talking, he started squeaking in an adorable, obnoxiously loud manner.  She'd stop and wait, only to start again and have him start with her.  After this happened a few times, I laughed and said, "Cheeky baby, interrupter of conversations and all things good."  She replied, "Yeah, really!  If you had a jelly bean and were just about to eat it, he'd take it. "  I love this simply because it is a totally kid-framed analogy.  

A little later, we were on a different subject altogether. She asked why it was that kids these days are growing taller and entering puberty earlier.  I gave her my thoughts on the subject, and the conversation drifted to puberty symptoms in general.  She said, face scrunched disapprovingly, "I'm not looking forward to the pubic hair part."  I replied, "I get that, but periods are definitely the least fun part of the whole thing." Her response? "Yeah, but you have to deal with pubic hair ALL the time.  It's not like that comes and goes."  Well, that is truth.  Although I am aware that the puberty train is rapidly approaching, I'm thankful that we're not there yet.  I'm not ready and neither is she. I will take puffy kid hands and silly kid conversations over pubic hair any day. (Well, at least today.)

Miss Maturity being a kid.
Photo courtesy of Aunt Duddie and Little Yellow Petey.


  1. Oh goodness. This made me remember her little baby self. She's growing up so fast. I love that girly!

  2. I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. She's only eight She's only eight She's only eight...