Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Put Em' Up

Any of you who know us personally or who read this blog regularly, know that Claire is extremely busy.  She's known for her spirited and bright personality.  There is another thing though, that people may not be as familiar with.  She is absolutely hysterical.  She yodels to get the attention of her siblings when they are far out in the yard or pasture.  She dances and makes up stories.  If she can't remember what sound an animal makes, she just says the name of the animal twice in a high pitched voice. (For example, instead of quack-quack, she'll just say duck-duck). Sometimes, I cannot believe the things that come from her 2 year-old self.

A few days ago I was laying in the office, with my legs draped over the arm of an over-sized chair.  Claire came in and ran her hands up my legs.  Looking somewhat startled, she declared, "They's pokey!" I laughed and said, "I know.  I need to shave."  Shaking her head slowly in the most sincere disappointment, she sighed deeply, looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Let me see your armpits."

Evidently, I'm living with a tiny, judgmental officer of hygiene and I just failed her test.  I LOVE this kid.  Claire, thanks for being you.

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  1. The Seedling is effervescent. Always bubbling over with something endearing ;) (and revealing).