Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crazy Breeds Crazy

We are all sorts of crazy in this house.  Two weirdos fell in love and made four more little weirdos.  I absolutely love that they respond to us without missing a step.  Three examples:

Example 1:  Joseph told Emma that she was fired.  (He frequently fires us from our respective positions in the family).  Without hesitation and with a totally straight face, she told him that was just fine.  She had been interviewing and had several other very appealing offers for Emma positions.

Example 2:  Conversation between Micah and I.

Me: (Calling out to him as I was walking down the hallway past his bedroom).  MICAH!! Stop pretending your name is Geoooorge.

Micah: Why?

Me: Because! I SAID!

Micah:  (Yelling back) But I liiiiike the name George.

See what I mean? We are really weird and they respond, unhesitatingly, with their own weirdness.  It's pretty much the best evidence ever that we are incredibly awesome at this parenting gig.

Example 3:

How weirdos get dressed for an anniversary party.*

No further explanation is needed.  Crazy breeds crazy.  

*Awesome, awesome photograph courtesy of Cassie Kean at CLK Photography.  Want to see more of her work?  Of course you do! Go here ---> 


  1. HA! I love Emma's smart comeback. You guys ARE crazy... and it's one of my favorite things about your family. :)

    That picture is awesome and hysterical.

  2. I find craziness very endearing.

  3. I find craziness very endearing. Also, if you recall, Emma interviewed with me for an 'Emma' position. She didn't take the job though.