Thursday, June 20, 2013

Please Don't Do That at the Door

Our Circuit Overseer is visiting the congregation this week.  He gives such tremendous, pointed encouragement.  We all feel so spiritually up-built and grateful when he visits.  Personally, I am very impressed by the fact that he is not afraid of our kids.  He put himself in our service car group this morning and took my kids to the door all by himself.  EVEN THE BABY. How awesome is that?

After our meeting tonight, he said he had forgotten to mention something that had happened when he was taking Micah to the door with him.  "Oh, man." I thought to myself.  "Here we go. What did he say/do? Exactly how embarrassed am I going to be?"  Micah has a reputation for saying awesome/awkward things that he probably shouldn't, simply because he doesn't understand the implications yet.  Usually it's pretty funny; sometimes it's devastatingly embarrassing.  He once asked a friend of mine, who he was going to be riding somewhere with, if she was a safe driver.  When she said she was, he asked her if she ever drives off cliffs.  Ummm....nope.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't do that.

So, our C.O. occasionally busts out with random accents when he's talking.  It's a quirky, amusing trait that adds humor to his manner of speaking.  Apparently he launched into a British accent when he and Micah were walking in between doors.  Micah, being ever so mindful about proper decorum (scoff), looked at him seriously and said, "Please don't do that at the door."  That's my kid.  Saving the world from would-be cliff driver offers and improperly timed British accents.  Where would we be without him?


  1. I LOVE this. And I'm super impressed that he's taken them all on his own, even the BABY! I've never even done that. Ha.

  2. Haha! Micah, "the counselor of circuit overseers". I see great things in this brother's future! You know Br. D will never forget this one. He'll probably work it into a talk one day.

  3. My favorite Micahism is when you called me from the car and when you hung up Micah asked 'who was that?' and you said 'Linda' and he said 'who's Linda?' and you said,'Aunt Duddie' and he said, 'so is Linda her nickname or something?'

    For some ridiculous reason Br. D imitates me and says I sound like I'm from JOISEY. I tell him people from New Jersey say New Jersey. He must have been talking to Richard P.