Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random Freckle Nonsense

Micah: (With his underwear pulled part-way down, examining his butt.) Diarrhea is so much fun to look at!

Me: What? Ewwwww!

Micah: Freckles! Freckles! I meant freckles!

Me: Uh....

Micah: What? I have a freckle on my butt.

He seems fascinated by freckles lately, and they have been coming up in random conversations a lot.  He recently asked me if I like freckles or anger more.  I think I'll go with freckles. After all, as parents we are supposed to show interest in things that our kids enjoy, right?


  1. Would that be a preckle of freckles?

  2. Thank goodness he wasn't actually looking at diarrhea. Leave that up to Claire. She'll be the one saying 'I's got poop wight hewe!!'. Haha.

  3. Oh my Jenna! You just made me laugh really, really hard. I guess you know my kids. Ha! Duddie, I guess it would be since he only has one freckle on his tush....