Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don't Look a Present Horse in the Mouth

Micah has sure been giving me a lot of things to laugh about lately.  He has been rocking kindergarten like it's his horse and is even beginning to read. (Yay for homeschooling)!  Today we were playing a word game that is designed to help him practice certain consonants.  I had to have him guess a word by giving him clues, and when he figured out the word, he had to tell me what letter it started with.

So, I was trying to get him to guess the word "gift."

Me: Ok, this one is another word for present.

Micah:  Present?

Me: Yes, like something I give you.

Micah: Well, could be....well, a

Me: Think about it.  If I gave you a present, what else could you call it?

Micah: Um, I don't know.  Mr. Present?

Me: Ahahahahahaha!!!!  NO! Not a name for the present! What's another word for present?

Micah:  What's wrong with Mr. Present?  I like it.

Well, I like it too, because 'Mr. Present' is a much cooler thing to say than 'gift,' don't you think?


  1. I like how you said 'rocking kindergarten like it's his horse". I, uh, always thought of 'rocking' something as in: being a rockstar at it. ;)

    This conversation between you two is hysterical.

  2. He's a reasonable kid. And so good lookin'!

  3. Thanks Jenna. He's a goober, kind of like me.

  4. Lol. I thought the same thing as Jenna. You are both adorable and hilarious. ;)