Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beetle Juice

"I did it Mom! I actually scared you! Bahahaha!"

This from Micah, who is supposedly my most tender-hearted and affectionate child. What elicited this gleeful squeal? 


I was doing a seemingly insurmountable stack of dishes. I unscrewed the lid of a green sippy cup, stuck my sponge in to wash it out, and came out with this.  Now, I'm not particularly afraid of beetles, but this is different.  They aren't supposed to randomly appear in cups that I'm putting my HAND into.  So, true to the plan Micah had played out in his mind, I screamed very loudly, threw the cup straight up in the air, and it and the beetle landed in the sink.  I put on quite a show of jumping and squeaking and other ridiculous shenanigans in an effort to calm myself down.  Micah was very proud of himself.  Congratulations my little prankster.  You did it.

For those of you who are wondering, he told me that he put it there on purpose because he knew I'd be doing the dishes and have the ever living crud scared out of me.  I'm not sure if this is actually true or if he just wanted to keep it, but he and Emma are always trying to scare me by jumping out from dark places, bringing me fake bugs, etc. and usually fail.  This time, he more than made up for all previous failures.  

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  1. How funny! The Sprout is a doll and I love him.