Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Do We Ever Leave the House?

There are so many little things that make having kids awesome. Today's example: Service with the whole family. Only after we show up at the hall do I realize that Claire is wearing two almost identical boots, but they have different sole colors and are different sizes. And they are on the wrong feet. Oh well. We got close. Also, Micah's top shirt button is undone and his tie is on his neck underneath the shirt. Eh, I can fix that in 2 seconds flat. Now, my clothes should be in order right? I am, after all, old enough to dress myself. Most days, I do so with no problem whatsoever! (Impressive, right?) On the way home, however, I notice that some unidentified, small child whose name rhymes with Bear, has drawn with permanent marker all over my boot. And I have been walking around like this all morning. Pure family awesomeness. Life would be so boring without my minions.

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