Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chaos and Calenders

Sure, go ahead and homeschool your kids.  You will, (as Micah always says), suffer the consequences. Example:

Micah: Ah. Today is a day for no chaos.

Me: Did you just say chaos? 
Micah: Yes. (WTHeck, I had no idea he even knew what that meant). 
Me: Wow, so no chaos, huh?
Micah: Yeah, so don't ask me to do any chores, okay? No chaos and no chores. This is my relaxing day.
Me: (Holding in snickers both because he is unreasonably adorable and because there is no way he's getting out of chores) How, exactly did you decide that THIS is the day for that?
Micah: I looked at my calender and today is totally blank. 

Well, that makes sense. That's what I get for teaching him how to use a calender.

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