Thursday, May 28, 2015

Out of the Mouth of Me

I've written a post in the past that is a simple collection of random things the kids have said over a few days. I realized this morning, while uttering something ridiculous, that an equally amusing glimpse into our family life can be given by a record of the things I say. It's not even noon yet, and so far, these are the things I've caught myself saying to the kids.

Who spilled powdered sugar into the bread basket? 
Is this salt all over the laundry room?
Don't put your hand in the garbage can.
Don't come in here right now. It's too icky.
Why do you have a snake around your neck? 
Where are your pants? 
Why don't you like pants? 
Put on pants, dude.
Please stop poking my boob.
Aren't you glad I didn't make you clean up the poop? 
The dryer is making that noise because somebody put gravel in their pants pockets. 
What is that smell?
Can you get the toy out of the fridge so I can shut it please?
We don't sit on kitties.
I need a nap. And a shower.

Ah, the life of a parent. 

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