Monday, March 3, 2014

Six Year-Olds are Awesome

Micah has been the one cracking me up lately, and I'm just making a little note of it for my memory.  He asked me, "Can men ever have babies, like....out of their butts?" Of course, I had to respond with detailed information about female internal organs.  He seemed slightly disappointed.

A few days ago, he ran into the kitchen with my bra.  Too much information, but it's kind of a stiff-cupped one, because it's made for strapless dresses.  He had one cup on his head like a helmet and was holding the other side up next to his head.  He said, "Mom!! Look! I'm a Siamese twin soldier!"

Also, we've been watching my Mom's dogs for the last two weeks. Today, Micah suggested that we sacrifice one of them to Jehovah. I think that everyone is ready for them to go home.

There's nothing like a 6 year-old boy to bring a little humor into your life.  

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