Sunday, April 28, 2013

Even Ladies Need to Wipe

We put the kids to bed a little later than normal last night.  Papa is here visiting, and we had a late dinner and were just generally enjoying each other's company.  By 8:45, everyone was in their bedroom.  By 9:45, Claire was out for the 4,679th time.

Joseph: Go to bed.  I do not want to see you out again.

Claire: I has to go potty! <exit Claire to the bathroom>

She's gone for two or three minutes, and returns with bare buns.

Claire: (Proudly and emphatically) I went poop!!!

Joseph: Great.  Go. To. Bed.

I started to say something about wiping and clothing, but she beat me to it. 

Claire: Nooo! I need pants and I's got poop wight hewe!!

And then, she bent over, head between her legs, and showed us exactly where she needed to be wiped.

Thanks.  Thanks for that.  It's nice to know we're raising a lady.

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